The Importance of Electricians for Software Companies

One of the great urban legends regarding software companies is they do not need people who do “physical” jobs. Granted, most if not all, of these software companies hire electricians in managerial functions instead of their actual practice, some companies do still need electricians—most especially the big software companies.

Software development does happen in the cloud, but the business still operates on the physical plane. Offices are still functioning like how other offices from other companies are functioning. They are still limited in the capacity of what the office space is providing. There is no software that can fix a broken light. Indeed, a broken light can be easily replaced, but bigger electrical problems are not going away through coding. Properly trained professionals are needed in this kind of situations, not just to fix the problems but also protect the people within the company from accidents.


It is not also proper to underestimate electricians, as they are not merely technicians. Software developers should know, electrical work is based heavily on Mathematics. Voltage and current have complex mathematical formulas and are dealt with precise measures. Aside from the technical aspect of dealing with electricity, electricians also follow bureaucracy to a tee. Governmental regulatory bodies release building codes, laws are in place for any their electrical work. Electricians always make sure they are up-to-date in local, state-level, and national laws that set the parameters of electrical structure not just in government buildings but also in private setting be it residential or commercial.

Software companies are usually labeled as within the industrial complex. Industrial buildings have stricter codes to follow. One can say, software companies should have relaxed codes to follow since they are not dealing with machinery and moving large cargoes of products that are highly flammable. It is good to remember that whatever a software company is developing, they are highly dependent on power and electrical equipment. The building dangers are one thing, but maintenance of the integrity of the power lines and electrical structure is another whole business. No software company likes to suffer a downtime due to power failures. Software companies usually deal with high accessibility with its products. An hour worth of downtime may spell doom to the upcoming financial quarter.

Most of the companies hire third-party electricians to deal with their problems whenever they arise. Software companies also just avail the maintenance and repair offered by the building management, which either subcontracts the electricians or has an in-house team. Large companies who own their own building do have their in-house electricians to not deal with their electrical problems but to outright prevent them entirely.

Whatever the size of a software company, the presence of an electrician is more than required. They may not be an integral part in the development of a product but they are needed in keeping the business running. The key word here is business, a software company is still a business entity, it is not immune to the problems that arise in the physical world and should learn to deal with it like every other business does.