How Software Engineers are Revolutionizing the Work for Electricians

It may seem like a very long time ago when electricity arrived like a miracle into people’s lives, providing light, energy and power. Pretty soon, electricity pretty much reached into all aspects of people’s lives, and the miles and miles of wiring that electricians all over the world have been laying out have reached into the places where people live and where they work, becoming as indispensable as today’s need that people have of their smartphones.

Somehow, software is also becoming quite as indispensable to our lives as electricity has become. There seems to be a software for everything these days – simplifying so much of people’s work, making processes more efficient, more convenient, and more portable. Software Engineers have provided us computer and mobile software on everything from to-do lists to record keeping, project management and accounting and yes, even software that helps electricians in working faster and more efficiently.

To understand how software helps electricians, it is best to start out with a basic understanding of what an electrician Atlanta does. Broadly speaking, it seems simple enough: they install and maintain the electrical systems that bring electricity to our homes and places of business. That includes the installation and maintenance of physical wiring and all necessary electrical equipment. Electricians function both in a macrocosmic and microcosmic sense – being the expert in close up work that includes the use of screwdrivers and pliers, while also navigating their way through the electrical system of entire geographic areas at a time. From the source of electricity to the final consumer, and all the transformers, switches and circuit breakers in between, electricians face both work complexity and a very real danger in their line of work. They are, after all, dealing with electricity – which is always potentially dangerous.

These days, many electricians have also come to rely on various software to help simplify and speed up their work. Faster communication, information exchanges, more efficient research and calculation capabilities, blueprints and maps accessible through portable devices – all have become indispensable tools for electricians who spend a good part of their working time out in the field. Smartphones and the software they are equipped with, have become another important tool in the electrician’s toolbox.

Some of the more popular software electricians use include software that helps them work efficiently even while out in the field. Software that provide convenient and portable references regarding electric codes, conversions, formulas, equipment specifications, and the ability to make complex calculations that allow electricians to successfully navigate and efficiently operate complex systems without the time that they usually took to do such background checking, calculations and verifications – work that once needed to be done off the field to ensure that they got it right. Speed, efficiency, and a quicker turnaround time for projects, repairs or maintenance work – these are the result of software conveniently engineered to help our electricians maximize their work output. This can potentially translate to shorter periods of time to deal with outages, greater working precision, and an increased level of protection and safety for our electrical power systems. On the business side, an electrician out in the field can more conveniently provide quotes and help them locate, shop for, and order necessary equipment.

So, while it may seem that electrical engineers, who work most of the time closeted within doors and focused on their computers, are in a very real sense divorced from the real and practical world of electrical contractors, the same software engineers who develop software for electricians and electrical contractors may actually have a deeper and more in-depth understanding of the work that electricians do. They should, to be able to deliver such software that is steadily growing in popularity among licensed and working electricians who work to make sure that power reaches every home.

The need for electricians is growing rapidly, just as fast as our continuing growth economically and technologically. As new homes and new business establishments are constructed, power is the indispensable utility that needs to be in place before any building is considered fully functional, or even habitable. One thing certainly hasn’t changed – electricity pretty much still powers everything for us, from the light bulbs to the coffee machines, and from our computers to our smartphones.