Designing in the Open

My experiences with a transparent design process in Slack

Jan. 24, 2016

Recently I was contracting as a UI designer/front-end engineer with the team at Hearken. The team is remote-first, headquartered in Chicago; and I’m in New York. So, like many teams who work remotely, we spend most of our days on Slack.

This story begins in a familiar way: their web app’s interface was built on the Bootstrap framework, and it was time to build a custom UI system to replace it. I’d done similar work with previous teams, but a few factors made our situation different.


The Ventures

Unlikely heroes of jazz-rock

Jan. 13, 2016

When I was in third grade, my dad bought me my first CD: a Greatest Hits record by The Ventures. I had heard “Walk Don’t Run” before and loved it, so Dad saw fit to enrich my appreciation of them.

Decades later, these songs have stuck with me, and I’m still finding new things to love about their music. Why write an article about a goofy surf rock band from the early 60s? Because now that I’ve learned more about how music works, I realize there’s so much more happening underneath the surface that I didn’t see before.