Duncan Malashock

Good-natured collaborator & tasteful nerd

Nice to meet you. I’m a full-stack engineer and designer, specializing in front-end development. I like working with designers and technologists who pride themselves on their craft, and with makers and entrepreneurs who value an open dialogue on goals and strategy.

Although I believe in choosing tools to best serve the application, I particularly enjoy working with Ruby on Rails and AngularJS as server- and client-side frameworks. I’m a believer in mobile-first responsive implementations on the front-end, and to that effect I’ll often reach for the Sass preprocessor with Compass, the Singularity grid system, and Brad Frost’s responsive patterns.

I happily relate to designers who internalize the relationship between design and implementation, and I work comfortably in either role (for me, designing in code is faster, more consistent, and more fun than using Photoshop anyway).

My favorite TV cops:

  1. Lt. Frank Columbo, LAPD
  2. Lt. Theo Kojak, NYPD
  3. Sgt. Frank Drebin, Police Squad